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With our versatile range of high-quality premium chocolate bars, you can enjoy fresh spins on familiar favorites and discover a tantalizing world of new, transcendent flavor combinations. Featuring artisanal fillings, premium toppings, and our handcrafted chocolate, our gourmet chocolate bars are a sophisticated way to add more chocolate to your life.

From peanut butter to caramel, mint to pecan, our chocolate bars feature luxurious flavors destined to indulge any craving. Try a lemon satin creme filling for a smooth experience topped off with a burst of citrus, or awaken your palate with KONA espresso ganache. Whether you choose creamy, premium milk chocolate bars or savor the depth of our dark chocolate bar offerings, you’ll enjoy a range of classic, compelling, and craveable treats. Branch out and try new flavors or delight in the nostalgia of a tried and true favorite.

Perfect for tucking into a purse or a suitcase for gourmet on the go, our artisanal chocolate bars bring sweetness and celebratory spirit to every special occasion. Gift one to a colleague, friend, or special someone, or lay out an assortment at the next board meeting for an office pick-me-up your coworkers will never forget.

Choose your perfect pack of chocolate bars to fit your tastes. Whether you’re treating yourself, shopping for holiday gifts, ordering corporate gifts, or preparing a party, high-quality, delicious chocolate bars from Ethel M Chocolates are sure to add a sweet touch to any chocolate lover's day.