• Ethel M Reserve Mixed Set of 4 with Gold Holiday Ribbon

    Ethel M Reserve - Limited Edition Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars

    Discover a world of fine Cacao! Each Limited Edition Bar of Ethel M Chocolates' Reserve is a journey to a lush, tropical destination. The unique flavor of this single origin chocolate is preserved by preparing our chocolates using the fewest ingredients possible. Try one and taste your way through the vibrant chocolate regions of the world.

  • Ethel M Filled Bars

    Ethel M Premium Chocolate Bars - Each With a Unique Soft Center of Premium Ingredients!

    Indulge your senses today! Each bar is made with a soft center like our signature Lemon Satin Crème or Dark Chocolate Espresso Ganache. The soft center is wrapped in our Gourmet Milk or Dark Chocolate and topped with a premium ingredient, like 100% KONA coffee beans. These are the ultimate chocolate bars!

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We deeply regret to inform you that, due to high demand in November and the current labor shortage, we are out of stock on many items.

Our chocolatiers are working day and night to continue making our hand crafted chocolates so please continuously check back on our site to see what items are available for purchase.

Thank you for your understanding and thinking of Ethel M Chocolates for your chocolate gift needs.

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