About Ethel M Chocolates


There are moments in life that define us. And there are moments in life that remind us of what matters most to us. Forty years ago, Forrest Mars Sr. - the man who brought the world M&M’S® and the MILKY WAY® Bar - made the decision to do something his family hadn’t done since its inception.

Forrest pulled up stakes and returned to the family table where it all began and created a chocolate company that was both pure in its expression and its intention, located in the heart of the Mojave Desert. The desert might be an unusual place to create chocolate, but Forrest relished the sense of discovery he found there. His was a personal expression that has brought joy to many over 40 years - a reward for years of pioneering innovation and excellence, and a way to celebrate someone he held dear - his mother, Ethel Mars.

Vintage black and white photo of Ethel M Chocolates Factory

Today, we at Ethel M Chocolates take Forrest’s vision for bringing a fresh perspective to small-batch chocolate-making as seriously as he did. In fact, we believe that every experience with our brand should be a moment of discovery, just like the anticipation of opening a precious jewel box. But in our case, the treasures inside, created to surprise and delight, are chocolate! 

Ethel M Chocolates bar

We are constantly seeking out the finest, most unique ingredients available to create something breathtakingly new.

Tasting Ethel M Chocolates

We never compromise on providing the very best taste experience, from the smoothness of our chocolate, to the crunchiness of our nuts, to the creaminess of our fillings.

Visiting the Ethel M Chocolates Flagship Store

We will spare absolutely nothing in the pursuit of providing an elevated chocolate experience paired with our impeccable service.

Every box of Ethel M Chocolates embodies what makes the desert so unique - it hides wonders that surprise and delight. From an explosion of flavor - sea salt caramel, tart prickly pear, top shelf liqueur, to a variety of tasty textures - crunchy nuts and toffee crisp, to mouthwatering bites of color designed to tempt your palate, we believe chocolate makes rewarding yourself and celebrating the people you care about a more satisfying experience. That’s why Ethel M Chocolates makes every piece of its delicious, hand-crafted chocolate in a time-honored tradition, founded at the family table. You can feel the love and care in every bite. We invite you to experience our specialty premium chocolates for yourself. Enjoy!