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9 Personalized Gift Ideas That They'll Love

Do you have a certain someone in your life who is seemingly impossible to shop for? 

These individuals usually shrug off questions about what they would like for a Valentine’s Day gift or birthday gift – or throw out the typical “Surprise me!” 

Whether you’re shopping for someone who seemingly has it all or don’t know where to start, a personalized gift can solve your predicament. Surveys have shown that most Americans cherish gifts that come with a personal touch and feel heartfelt. 

With a bit of creativity, forethought, and this handy list of unique personalized gift ideas, you can show that special someone just how much you care about them. 

How to Make a Gift More Personal

Many of us desire to give a custom gift that’s memorable—that the recipient will actually want and use. That’s especially true if you’re sharing a gift to celebrate a meaningful occasion or for someone who matters deeply to you. 

Ultimately, a truly special gift will show that you went above and beyond to find or make something that’s just for them. The personal nature of the custom gift is what matters. Your goal should be to find and personalize a present that resonates with who they are.

To that end, here are some ideas for how to make the gifts more personal: 

  • Connect the gift to their interests and hobbies – Is the recipient a foodie? Do they love to knit? Are they a puzzler? A golfer? To narrow down unique personalized gift options, think about what makes this person happy and how they like to spend their free time.
  • Center it on a shared memory – Did you share a special dinner date? A once-in-a-lifetime trip or shared experience? If so, you can do something that either channels that experience, allows you to relive it, or brings those memories to the forefront.  
  • Make it an experience – Some of the best gifts aren’t physical products but shared experiences. A special date, vacation, or experience can help form cherished memories or bring to mind previous ones. 
  • Listen and pay attention – When it comes to personalized gifts, how well the present lands will, of course, depend on how closely the gift is tailored to the individual. By choosing gifts based on what they like or the little suggestions they may make—like when they say, “I’d love to go to X location,” or “I really need but don’t want to buy Y”—you can demonstrate that you pay attention and care deeply.  
  • Invest your time – Time becomes our most precious commodity as we grow older. When you spend your time on someone else by making a gift by hand or coming up with fun ideas, you can demonstrate how valuable that person is to you. Thanks to your invested hours, a handmade item or a gift that you spent time customizing for them will be even more meaningful.

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9 Personalized Gift Ideas 

Need more specific guidance on some fantastic personalized gift ideas? 

Leveraging the tips above, here are some personalized gift ideas that your best friend, family member, or loved ones will be sure to adore.

#1 A Custom Necklace or Bracelet  

Jewelry is always a timeless gift idea. It still is the perfect way to show your love. 

But instead of just buying any old necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings for that special someone in your life, try to personalize the gift to make it even more meaningful. 

For example, you could:

  • Engrave their name or initials 
  • Include their birthstone 
  • Use their favorite rare metals or gemstones

This is an elegant customized gift that your loved one will love and it will serve as a subtle reminder of your shared connection.  Pair it with a customized jewelry box to make it even more special.

#2 Personalized Sports Equipment

For the golfer in your life—the person who’s always trying to improve their swing—fitted clubs and one-on-one coaching lessons are a fantastic way to support their hobby. You can schedule a personalized club fitting where the individual works with a golf pro to understand their swing and current struggles in order to then pick the ideal clubs (in terms of length, style, and shape) to complement their game. 

A personalized tennis racket allows the person sending the gift to customize the design or include a name or special message. This type of personalized gift is sure to make them feel special, as well as ensure that their time on the court is much more enjoyable. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a tennis enthusiast, a personalized tennis racket is a winning choice.

#3 Customized Chocolate Box 

Looking for tasty gifts for foodies? Have you ever played the mystery assortment chocolate box game? You bite into one of the many different chocolates to find your favorites inside of the box

With a personalized design your own box, you can skip the guessing game and get right to the good stuff—your favorite chocolates. This personalized chocolate box, tailored to the individual's taste, is an exceptional get well soon gift as well as a special birthday surprise. Whether they prefer milk chocolate or dark, nuts or fillings, caramels or brittles, you can design your own premium chocolate gift that will be sure to delight.  

But, be warned, not all chocolates are made equal. 

As you look for a high-quality chocolatier, you should only partner with a company that produces small batches, uses high quality, premium ingredients, and then packs each piece of chocolate by hand with care. 

#4 Custom Candle

Candles are a low-cost, high-impact gift that can light up a home and fill it with delicious scents. 

With a personalized candle, you can find the scent and style that caters to the recipient's preferences. Many candle makers let you include a photo or message on the jar. To get started, just: 

  • Select a style, shape, and size
  • Pick a fragrance
  • Add a photo 
  • Create a message

This is a thoughtful and relaxing gift they can use to create a comforting atmosphere. 

#5 A Scavenger Hunt 

For an experiential gift, one of the more exciting and out-of-the-box ideas is to create a date night scavenger hunt. This involves planting a series of clues that will lead your loved one on a journey to different locations, ultimately culminating in the final spot where the date will take place. 

For example, for a birthday scavenger hunt, the clues could cover some of your cherished, shared date spots and memories—the place where you met, your first kiss, your first date, and so on. 

Best of all, you can make it as simple or elaborate as you want. And you can enlist friends and family to appear at certain stages for an even more memorable and personalized feel. 

Ultimately, the point is to tailor the hunt to the gift recipient’s interests and preferences. It’s the perfect way to show your creativity and thoughtfulness while adding an element of surprise to a normal date or celebration. 

#6 Custom Coffee Mugs 

Does your favorite person love a good cup of joe or hot tea to kick start their day? 

Show them you care by giving them a custom mug. A personalized mug is a low-cost, practical gift that can still be thoughtful. You can include a hilarious picture, a funny catchphrase, or any other customization that helps make the mug unique to the drinker.   

This is a gift that keeps giving since you know they will use it and appreciate it daily. You can even make it a memorable experience by taking a pottery class together!

#7 A Puzzle

For the puzzler in your life, one of the best gifts you can give is a customized jigsaw puzzle that will assemble into a beautiful picture of you both or another scene that has special meaning; it could be a wedding photo, a family portrait, or even a cherished pet. 

What better way is there to relive a prized memory than one piece at a time? 

#8 A Donation

One unique gift you can give to the individual who truly has everything would be to donate your time or money to the charity of their choice. 

Perhaps there’s an orphanage they support, a tree planting organization they partner with, or a local food bank they serve at. Whatever it is, supporting their philanthropic endeavors is a touching way to show your love and positively impact the world. 

#9 Paint by Numbers

Similar to a puzzle, a paint-by-numbers kit is a fun and personal gift where you can turn your photos into artwork. These easy-to-follow kits are made for the person who wants to paint, even if they lack professional skills.

With such a kit, you can create your favorite moments on canvas, transforming memory into a masterpiece. A custom paint kit should come with everything you need to start painting, including: 

  • Numbered paint colors
  • A painting map
  • Canvas
  • Paintbrushes 

With these personalized painting gifts, channeling your inner Monet is as easy as 1-2-3. 

Personalized Chocolates for Friends, Family, and Loved Ones   

When it comes to giving the perfect gift, personalization is an incredible way to show how much you care. By tailoring the gift to the individual’s tastes and preferences, you demonstrate that you put serious thought and effort into finding the perfect present. 

At Ethel M Chocolates, we provide an elevated chocolate experience paired with our white-glove concierge service for that special someone. 

You can create a personalized chocolate gift assortment from over 30 chocolates, ranging from caramels to brittles, nuts to truffles, and white chocolate to dark chocolate. Whether you’re building your own custom chocolate box or simply gifting a chocolate sampler, each batch is made in small batches, hand-picked, and with high-quality ingredients. Looking for a chocolate box for a specific occasion? Browse our chocolate gift shop for the perfect birthday, anniversary, or corporate gifts.

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