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Renovation and Innovation

Ethel M Chocolates Factory Renovation Rendering

Ethel M Chocolates Factory Renovation Rendering
New and exciting things are happening at Ethel M Chocolates right now, and this time we’re not talking about our chocolates… although chocolate is always exciting in our books! In celebration of our 35th anniversary, we’re undergoing a $2-million renovation project. The project will fully refresh the visitor’s experience with an updated look, innovative interactive elements, expanded retail space, and added menu items in our brand-new café.

Our redesigned store is going to offer completely new experiences, along with everything you’ve come to expect from our chocolate factory. We plan on incorporating colors and materials that represent the factory’s original copper kettles and of course our signature Botanical Cactus Garden. The Chocolate Tasting Room will also be moved towards the front of the store so that visitors can have a view of the cactus garden as they sample our freshly hand-crafted chocolates. We’re even going to have a demonstration area, where our professional chocolatiers will make some of your favorite treats like chocolate-covered strawberries and caramel apples, right before your very own eyes.

Ethel M Pop-up Shoppe Henderson NV

Don’t worry, even though our factory tour and flagship store are closed for the next few months, we wanted to make sure that our guests who come to visit will still get a unique experience (and can get their favorite chocolate) which is why we opened up our pop-up shoppe. Although it’s only temporary, our fully air-conditioned pop-up shoppe is located right next to our factory and has a sample version of our Tasting Room and gift shop featuring all of your favorite chocolates. Our guests love chocolate, so we want to make sure we’re in full-service mode when you come by to grab some.

Of course, our beautiful Cactus Garden remains open during the improvement period, so you’re free to stop in and admire one of the largest collections of desert plants to your heart’s content. To cool off after your Cactus Garden stroll, we have delicious silky smooth chocolate ice cream bars available from our sister company, Dove®!

We’ll certainly be excited to show you our freshly spruced-up campus once the saws and hammers are put away. But in the meantime, drop by our pop-up shoppe and sample a little sweetness!