Ethel M 40th Anniversary logo "Serving you premium chocolate from the Nevada desert for 40 years"
Cocoa pod image "The FINEST QUALITY COCOA BEANS are carefully selected and shipped to our facilities where they are roasted, tempered, and refined into our delicious chocolate"
cocoa beans mixing into bowl of chocolate "each of our unique piece are made fresh and with NO ARTIFICIAL PERSERVATIVES."
"Our Solar Garden powers our factor during daylight production hours, so most of our chocolate is MADE WITH SUNSHINE!"
Illustration of Ethel M store, cactus garden and solar panels "COLD SHIPPED We only ship ice packs with our chocolate when the temperature in transit exceed 75 degrees F.
Image of illustrated Ethel M classic collection chocolates with E Leaf logo "We strive to minimize our ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT using only the minimum packing materials required to ensure your order is delivered with the HIGHEST QUALITY."