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Enjoy and Savor Ethel M Chocolates Roasted Almonds enrobed in Rich Sugar-free Milk Chocolates.
Enjoy Ethel M Chocolates Delicious Roasted Almonds covered in our Premium Sugar free Milk Chocolate.
Ethel M Chocolates has something for Everyone! Enjoy this Sugar-free dipped Almonds, Cashews with Sugar-free Caramels.
Enjoy Ethel M Chocolates perfect blend of crunch and caramel in Sugar free. Nuts and caramels dipped in our Premium Specialty Milk and Dark Chocolate.
Delight on our Rich, Bittersweet, Premium Ethel M Dark Chocolate Bar. It can be purchased individually or in box of 24.
We strive to minimize our Environmental Impact using only  the minimum packing materials required to ensure your order is delivered with the Highest Quality.
Chocolate Piece Map included in every Assortment or a directory of the different pieces contained in every package.

Sugar Free Chocolate Premium Gift Basket


Our finest collection of sugar free chocolates in a collectible gift crate.
For those seeking sugar-free chocolates, look no further. We've brought together our finest collection of sugar-free and no-sugar-added indulgences and packaged them up as the perfect, premium chocolate gift. It's the sweetest gift you'll find for the sugar-free aficionado in your life. Inside you'll find Sugar Free Nuts & Caramels, Sugar Free Almonds, No Sugar Added Cherries, and eight Sugar Free Dark Bars.