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Simply Sweet Spring Gift Ideas
March 16, 2017
Simply Sweet Spring Gift Ideas

Spring is a lovely time for the family to come together and enjoy perfect weather, fresh-picked flowers, and of course, something sweet. Spring is more than a season; it’s a feeling! That’s why Ethel M Chocolates is introducing a new spring collection perfect for gifting and sharing with your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for an Easter treat or the perfect Mother’s Day gift, Ethel M has got you covered with our Simply Sweet and Truly Delicious spring collections. Scroll down to help find the perfect addition to your springtime traditions.

1) Eggs-actly what you’re looking for.

Likes: Easter egg hunting (even as an adult), throwing themed parties, the simple things, flowers, spring cleaning, and eating peanut butter straight out of the jar, likes to make their own fruit preservatives.

Try our: Egg-shaped box collections

Easter Egg Shaped Box Collection

You can choose between the Peanut Butter and Fresh-Picked Fruit Collections. If you really want to get into the Easter spirit, have them both! The Peanut Butter Collection comes with 8-pieces of egg-shaped milk and dark chocolates infused with a rich, peanut butter filling. The Fresh-Picked Fruit Collection comes with 8-pieces of Ethel M’s newest flavors — milk chocolate strawberry crème and dark chocolate raspberry crème — four of each. Each collection comes in a beautifully designed, soft touch finished box.

2) A Mother’s Day Treat

Likes: to collect things, the classics, fresh-picked flowers, fruity flavors, trying one of everything, putting others first before themselves, and is nurturing.

Try our: Springtime Blossom Tins

Springtime Blooms

With this 16-piece tin you can choose between two different pre-packaged collections. You can’t go wrong with the Classic Collection, which includes all the Ethel M time-honored favorites. Our Fresh-Picked Collection comes with two of each of our Ethel M satin crème flavors. Best of all, our Springtime Blossom Tins are collectable, making it a great present for mom on her special day. You can even add a personal touch by including a ribbon for just one dollar more.

3) The ultimate Easter basket.

Likes: to have it all, loves everything spring, fruit baskets, gift baskets, getting presents, and thinks bigger is better.

Try our: Hoppy Easter Basket

Hoppy Easter Basket

The Hoppy Easter Basket comes with a little bit of everything. It’s a great gift to share with the entire family, and a special way to show just how much you truly care. This basket includes the Satin Crème Collection, a Classic Pecan Brittle Box, Milk Chocolate Pecans, four Mint Dark Chocolate Bars, and our fresh-picked Caramel Apple covered in chocolate and pecans.

4) The perfect springtime pal.

Likes: cuddling, bear hugs, taking naps, innocent fun, getting their face painted, and balloon animals.

Try our: Baby Powderpuff Easter Bunny

Baby Powderpuff Easter Bunny

The Ethel M Baby Powderpuff Easter Bunny is a swell springtime pal you can cuddle up with for years to come. This cute stuffed animal is small enough to travel with daily, and fluffy enough to fall asleep next to every night.

5) A simply sweet snack.

Likes: snacking, rewarding themselves with a treat, ordering “the special” wherever they go, and keeping things simple.

Try our: Four-piece Spring Sampler Collection

Four-Piece Spirng Sampler Collection

Our four-piece Spring Sampler Collection gives you a taste of Ethel M’s classic flavors. It’s a nice treat for one, or a fun, sharable snack for two. With this collection you’ll receive our Almond Butter Krisp, Dark Chocolate Lemon Satin Crème, Milk Chocolate Raspberry Satin Crème, and Dark Chocolate Chewy Caramel.

And, don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up. So, keep these springtime sweets or any of our Ethel M Collections in mind when you’re looking for a special present for dad.