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Now Available on Amazon Prime
September 22, 2017
Now Available on Amazon Prime
We’ve all done it; lost track of time scrolling through thousands of products on Amazon, adding everything our hearts desire (and a few things we probably don’t need) to our “Wish Lists” or cart. Well, now you can add a few more favorites to that list — Ethel M Chocolates.

That means it’s easier than ever to get the perfect, gourmet gift for someone special, now that select collections are available on both Amazon and Amazon Prime. Search for your favorite Ethel M selections, including the Satin Crème Collection, Deluxe Collection, Classic & Chocolate Covered Pecan Brittle Collection, and Milk & Dark Sea Salted Caramels Collection. All you have to do is choose, click, and add to cart.

Even better, our two bestsellers — Almond Butter Krisp Gift Box and Lemon Satin Crème Candy Gift Box — are both available through Amazon Prime. You can fulfill those sweet tooth cravings in two days’ time. Rest assured knowing every box is carefully sealed and delivered to your doorstep with ice packs. We promise that it’ll taste as fresh and delicious as it would if you purchased them straight from our factory store in Henderson, Nevada.

So, the next time you go on an Amazon shopping splurge, don’t forget to treat yourself or a loved one to a box of freshly handcrafted, premium Ethel M Chocolates. Trust us, you’ll enjoy them more than that cat-approved, spinnable cardboard record player you’ve had your eye on.