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This Just In: Dads love chocolate, too!
June 6, 2016
This Just In: Dads love chocolate, too!

Moms get a lot of chocolate love on Mother’s Day, and rightly so. Chocolate always fits, everyone loves it, and it’s even fun to share…within reason, anyway.

Even so - why should Mom get to have all the fun? Dads love chocolate, too! That’s why we’ve put together some special new seasonal pieces he’s sure to enjoy, in collections that are distinctly for dad.

Here are just a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts dads are sure to eat right up:

1.) Smoked Sea Salt Caramels Milk Chocolate. These new pieces are a smooth blend of Ethel M’s silky milk chocolate, and buttery vanilla caramel. Each is topped off by a fine sprinkle of savory sea salt that’s been smoked over carefully selected woods for 14 days. Each piece is sweet, sophisticated, complex, and surprising - just like dad.

Smoked Sea-Salted Caramels from Ethel M Chocolates

2.) Father’s Day-Inspired Classic Collection. This assortment features a bold array of pieces proven to be longtime dad favorites, and ships in a specialty holiday sleeve. Inside, he’ll discover a medley of chewy caramels, nut clusters, Satin Crèmes, Almond Butter Krisps, and plenty of delicious milk and dark chocolate.

A Father's Day Themed Chocolate Box from Ethel M

3.) Crème Liqueurs. Ethel M’s signature Crème Liqueurs are an intoxicatingly sweet treat. These premium spirit chocolates use a special technique to individually blend rum, bourbon, amaretto, Irish Crème, coffee liqueur, and orange liqueur into a creamy filling, then wrap it in sweet milk and dark chocolate shells.

Creme liqueurs infuse real spirits with creamy centers and are perfectly paired with milk and dark premium chocolate

4.) Pecan Brittle. Available in several delectable varieties, Ethel M’s Pecan Brittle is the product of one of our most treasured recipes. It’s buttery, nutty, and has a softly sweet toffee crunch that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever tasted. We guarantee he’ll love it.

Ethel M Chocolates Pecan Brittle has a softer crunch due to its superior freshness

5.) Chocolate-Covered Everything. Every dad has a favorite. Whether he loves munching on peanuts at the game, sneaking caramels when he thinks nobody’s looking, or making a beeline for the ripe cherries at the supermarket, there’s always a treat he adores. And we’ve long maintained that the best way to make any great thing better is to smother it in delicious chocolate. Check out our massively munchable chocolate-covered fruits, nuts, coffee beans and bars, and give dad a little something he’ll love.

Ethel M Chocolates Pecan Brittle has a softer crunch due to its superior freshness