Collection: Chocolate Gifts under $50


Immerse yourself in our Classic Collection, the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. Featuring an assortment of our most cherished pieces, this gift is a testament to the traditions that have made Ethel M Chocolates a renowned chocolatier. Each piece is expertly crafted to perfection in small batches, ensuring an extraordinary taste experience.

For the ultimate chocolate connoisseur, our Chocolatier’s Collection is an exquisite choice if you’re shopping for a chocolate gift under $50. Crafted with utmost precision and passion, this collection showcases the artistry of our chocolatiers. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors, textures, and designs that will elevate your chocolate experience. With each bite, you'll appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship poured into these remarkable creations.

For those who appreciate the perfect harmony of silky-smooth textures and decadent flavors, our Satin Crème Collection Chocolate Gift is a true delight. Each piece in this collection is a testament to our commitment to creating unforgettable taste experiences. Experience the delicate indulgence of our bestselling Lemon Satin Crème, a burst of citrusy tang encased in smooth dark chocolate. 

Our Truffle Collection is an excellent chocolate gift under $50. These luxurious truffles are a true testament to our dedication to perfection, featuring a crisp chocolate coating surrounding a delicate ganache center. Each truffle is a miniature work of art, crafted in small batches to deliver an unparalleled taste experience.

Share the joy of exceptional flavors and expert craftsmanship by gifting Ethel M Chocolates. Discover our chocolate gifts under $50 and treat yourself or someone special to a moment of indulgence.