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Sustainability In A Generation

As a Mars Inc. brand Ethel M Chocolates supports Mar’s “Sustainable in a Generation” initiative. Our Sustainable in a Generation (SiG) approach and goals aim to minimize the impacts of our operations on the environment, and are based on the best-available scientific data.

Mars aims to eliminate fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 2040. We are working on similar long-term commitments for water and waste.

One major way Ethel M continues to participate in Mars’ Sustainability in a Generation approach is through the use of renewable energy at our Henderson, NV chocolate factory.

In December 2011, Mars Chocolate’s Ethel M factory in Henderson Nevada, installed a 4.4 acre solar garden, which generates enough energy to support 100% of the the chocolate factory’s electrical needs during peak hours. In addition to producing electrical power this Solar Garden helps Mars continue its efforts to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

The 4.4 acre Ethel M Solar Garden in Henderson, Nevada has reduced over 1300 metric tones of green house gases since its launch in December 2011.