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Mars Cocoa Sustainability

As a Mars, Inc., brand Ethel M participates in the Mars global cocoa sustainability goals. Mars is one of the world's major food manufacturers, and our long-term business depends on a sustainable supply of high-quality cocoa. As part of our commitment as a responsible global company, we are striving to make cocoa a vibrant, environmentally sound industry from farm to factory.

The Challenge

Worldwide demand for cocoa is increasing and unless changes are made, the supply will not be able to keep pace. There are a number of reasons for this. Cocoa is a labor-intensive crop, that is grown mostly in developing countries. Farmers struggle with aging trees, pests and disease, depleted soils and poor access to training and other resources. The result is that farms produce small amounts of cocoa, thus having a hard time earning incomes to support their families, farms and communities.

The Objective

To achieve meaningful change, Mars believes that farmer productivity needs to be the first priority. By helping to support farms and promoting change in the production of cocoa Mars can help farmers produce better crops and make more money for their families. Ultimately, this will create a sustainable supply of quality cocoa as farmers are empowered to reinvest in their businesses and communities.

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