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Design Your Own Box

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Red Ribbon Double Layer Box
Create a personalized collection of premium chocolate for your friends, family and loved ones this holiday season. Each box includes two layers of our world famous specialty premium Ethel M Chocolates, up to as many as 60 pieces based on your selections. Your customized box of chocolates will be packed by one of our choclatiers especially for your loved one. Mix and match to choose your favorite pieces from our collection of over 30 chocolate varieties.
Double Layer Box
Choose from our selection of chocolates below to create the perfect chocolate box with only your favorites. Pick 1 piece to get a box of just that flavor or mix and match up to 8 chocolate varieties and we will pack your box full by hand with the chocolate assortment you created. The number of pieces in your box may vary, as some chocolate pieces are larger than other.


Clear Window Tin
Limited Time Only! Create your own personalized assortment of chocolates in a clear window champagne colored tin. Each chocolate assortment tin contains a your personalized selected assortment in a single layer of chocolates, up to 40 pieces, based on the variety of chocolates you select. Select your favorite piece, or up to as many as six varieties to create the perfect gift assortment.
Happy Holidays Single Layer Box
Say Happy Holidays with a Design Your Own Chocolate Assortment complete with a green and gold happy holidays ribbon. Mix and match from our collection of over 30 chocolate varieties including our limited edition holiday chocolate flavors. Each box can be customized with up to as many as 6 chocolate varieties, and our team of choclatiers will pack each box special just for you and your gift recipient.
Hanukkah Single Layer Box
Say Happy Hanukkah this year with a gift box made special just your gift recipient. Personalize the assortment by selecting your favorite varieties of Ethel M premium chocolates and will will pack each and every box by hand to make sure your gift is extra special. Each box will be packed full with your custom assortment. Choose up to 6 varieties, the number of pieces in each box will vary depending on the chocolates your choose and the sizes of each chocolate piece. Each box will be finished with a blue and silver Hanukkah ribbon.
Single Layer Box
Mix and match from our selection of chocolates to create the perfect chocolate gift box for your loved ones or make a unique collection just for your own indulgent pleasure. Each box will be packed to capacity with your selected assorted favorites. Choose from up to 6 chocolate varieties from our assorted options.


Sampler Boxes
Create a custom assortment of your favorite chocolates. Each Sampler Box set includes 12 - 4 piece boxes of your custom assortment. Select 1 piece to get a box of just that piece, or pick up to 4 pieces to create boxes with your custom assortment. These small 4 piece chocolate boxes are perfect for giveaways, party favors, wedding favors, business gifts and so much more.