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Classic Collection
$27.99 - $43.99
Do you have a hard time choosing your favorite Ethel M Chocolates pieces? Then this is the perfect gift, delicately served in our signature gold Ethel M Chocolates box. Open the box to find a medley of chewy caramels, nut clusters, Satin Crèmes, Almond Butter Krisps and plenty of milk and dark chocolate. Once your family and friends see the box, they'll know they are in for a treat.


Crème Liqueurs
$19.99 - $20.99
Raise these chocolates to toast any occasion! This cheers-worthy collection is the perfect treat for adults at any party or gathering. Featuring our decadent chocolate filled with creamy liqueurs that masterfully blend rich alcohol with sweet flavors. Once you pop the lid on this collection, you'll enjoy a full chocolate "bar" including Rum, Bourbon, Amaretto, Irish Creme, Coffee Liqueur and Orange Liqueur. Cheers!


Classic and Chocolate Covered Pecan Brittle
$39.99 - $40.99
Some people are brittle purists, who want our world-famous pecan brittle unchanged and wonderful as always. And we understand that. Others prefer to be adventurous, and love trying our brittle with delicious chocolate draped over the top of each piece. This collection is the compromise for both groups, while maintaining our uncompromising flavors and quality. Contains 24 pieces of milk chocolate covered and classic pecan brittle.


Chocolate Covered Pecan Brittle
$39.99 - $40.99
This collection combines the very best of Ethel M Chocolate. First, you've got twenty-four pieces of our world-famous pecan brittle. More buttery and softer than most brittle you'll find. Then, we drizzled our premium gourmet chocolate over the top of each piece to make each bite even more perfect than before.


Classic Pecan Brittle
$39.99 - $40.99
For the brittle lover, this collection is for you. Buttery, with a distinctly softer crunch that most brittle you've ever experienced, Ethel M Chocolates brings you our gourmet Pecan Brittle Collection. Hand-picked pecans frolic and mingle among premium toffee and other fresh ingredients.

Delicious Tip: Break and sprinkle over ice cream, yogurt or pie for a delectable topping. Each box contains 24 pieces.


Milk and Dark Chocolate Sea-Salted Caramels Collection
$34.99 - $35.99
Hand sprinkled sea salt, gives each chewy caramel makes for the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Our small batch chewy caramels start in our original copper kettles before being cut and drenched in our signature milk and dark premium chocolate. We then finish each piece by hand with a little hand sprinkling of sea-salt to enhance the flavors. Each box contains 24 milk and dark creamy caramels


Nut & Caramel Collection
$19.99 - $35.99
If you go nuts for almonds, pecans and toffee crisp, as well as chewy and creamy caramel and decadent chocolate, then look no further than our Nut & Caramel Collection. The perfect blend crunch and caramel, this collection brings together various unique flavors from the Ethel M Chocolates portfolio. Pair it all with gourmet premium chocolate and you've got a gift worth gorging upon.


Genuine Sampler Collection
$7.99 - $89.99
This sampler box from Ethel M is a perfect combination of everything Ethel M. Give as a gift for one or a get a bunch for a group, use as a party favor, or keep for yourself as a sweet treat and departure from your busy day. These 4 piece sampler boxes comes packed with our original 4 signature chocolate pieces from where it all started. Each box contains an Almond Butter Krisp, Lemon Satin Crème in Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Satin Crème in Milk Chocolate, and Chewy Caramel drenched in our signature dark chocolate.


Sea-Salted Caramels Collection
Call this collection a triple threat, because it's got three gourmet features that are sure to impress. First, we start with decadent, chewy caramel filling. Then we enrobe these chewy caramel with some of the finest milk chocolate you'll ever taste. Finally, we sprinkle a touch of savory sea salt on top to give a complex flavor to such a decadent treat.
Deluxe Collection
$34.99 - $48.99
The bold collection combines many of your favorite Ethel M Chocolates pieces, including the always crunchy Almond Butter Krisp, reminiscent Peanut Butter & Jelly, exquisite Pecan Toffee Crisps, chewy and creamy caramels, and both Lemon and Raspberry Satin Crèmes. No matter your craving, this collection will satisfy.


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