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The Art of Gifting Chocolate
October 17, 2017
The Art of Gifting Chocolate
Gift the Right Way with Ethel M Chocolates

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and thank yous all have one thing in common: gift giving. Though gift giving is challenging, there is one sweet gift that is never the wrong gift to give. We’re talking about chocolate, of course.
When it comes to gifting chocolate, we consider it an art form. Chocolates go beyond milk, dark and white chocolate. Some chocolates are bars, others are truffles, some are filled with liquer, while others may cover apples, strawberries or other fruits. But don’t let the number of varieties scare you off!
Here are some tips for gifting the right chocolate:

1) Unsure of their tastes? Try a collection gift box.

Gift boxes tend to have a preselected variety of chocolates that have an assortment the most popular flavors. If you know if the person you’re gifting a box of chocolates to prefers milk to dark, you may be able to even select a box of dark chocolates or milk chocolates.

2) Know the person well? Design your own gift box.

A tailored option of a gift box is the perfect opportunity to impress someone with your knowledge of what they love to indulge in. Hand-select the pieces you’ll know they love with a combination of truffles, liqueur filled chocolates, satin creams and solids.

3) Pick chocolate covered treats for the snacker in your life.

Whether it’s dark chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered espresso beans or chocolate covered cherries, the snacker will be thrilled to have their favorite healthy treat covered in silky smooth chocolate.

4) Keep it simple and select a chocolate bar.

Chocolate bars tend to be the most basic option, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Bars are just as much of a treat as any other chocolate option. They’re perfect for snacks on the go, as an indulgent treat at the end of a long day, and just-because situations.

5) Try pecan brittle for the one who loves to crunch.

Delicious pecan brittle, drizzled in luxurious milk chocolate has a unique, buttery taste that is sure to make them happy as they crunch through this treat.

6) Get the lush in your life to a boozey treat.

That’s right. We said it. Skip buying a bottle of their favorite liquor and instead treat them to booze filled chocolates. The intoxicatingly sweet dessert is perfect for fans of fine liqueur and chocolate.

Now, you may be asking “Where do I find all this in one place for a one and done shopping trip?” Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered (pun intended). Ethel M is an artisanal chocolatier, hand crafting a variety of delectable chocolates that are perfect for any chocolate lover.

Our chocolates are made in small batches with no preservatives, using the freshest and finest ingredients available. To order the perfect chocolate gift, visit www.ethelm.com.