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3 Reasons Dad Deserves Premium Brittle This Father’s Day
May 31, 2017
3 Reasons Dad Deserves Premium Brittle This Father’s Day
You love dad. Dad loves you. Those are givens. But sometimes (i.e. Father’s Day), dad needs you to show him a little more love than just saying it. So here are 3 reasons why dad deserves the world’s best (in our humble opinion) Pecan Brittle this Father’s Day!

1. Dad’s Love is Simple

Dad doesn’t overcomplicate things. He keeps it simple. When he tells you he loves you, he doesn’t go into a long soliloquy about why he loves you. He just does. Similar to our Pecan Brittle. With only five ingredients, our Pecan Brittle is the simplest and purest way to tell dad you care this Father’s Day.

2. Dad’s Kind of a Softie

Underneath that tough exterior, you and I both know that dad is a softie at heart. Maybe it was at your graduation. Maybe it was during the final scene of the movie “Marley & Me.” But at some point, dad showed you that he does have some deep, deep emotions inside of him. He doesn’t let you see it often, but when he does, you fall in love with him that much more. And guess what? Our Pecan Brittle is exceptionally soft, just like dad. Unlike other brittles, our Pecan Brittle has a uniquely soft bite, which blends the wonderful flavor of brittle with a less dangerous eating experience.

3. Dad Can Be a Bit Nuts Sometimes

Was it when he was shouting at the umpire during your ballgame? Was it when he went to have that “heart-to-heart” conversation with your teacher for giving you a lower grade than you deserved? It’s different for everybody. But everyone has had that moment when they saw the “dada bear” instinct come out, and secretly enjoyed every moment of it. Well, our Pecan Brittle is a little bit nuts, too. Not like other brittle, though. While other treat-makers focus on peanut brittle, Ethel M Chocolates brings you the fresh and delicious Pecan. And yes, you’ll taste the difference! Let us know your thoughts about this blog, our chocolate, or anything else on your mind in the comments!