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The 4 Sweetest Gifts to Get Your New Grad
May 30, 2017
The 4 Sweetest Gifts to Get Your New Grad

Graduation is an amazing celebration of accomplishment. Not to mention a fresh start for your new grad. So here are four fresh and flavorful gift ideas that special someone in your life who just graduated, whether they are leaving high school, college, or anything else worth celebrating!

1. For the High Achievement Grad: Our Signature Classic Collection

They think a 4.0 GPA is settling. The only “C” they get is plenty of Vitamin C during finals week, to make sure they don’t get sick during their studies. For the top of the class graduate, you can’t go wrong with our Classic Collection. It is an assortment of all our favorite pieces, using our original 16 recipes. If Ethel M Chocolates had a graduating class, the Classic Collection would be valedictorian.

2. For the Fun Loving College Grad: Our Crème Liqueur Collection

They love a good glass of wine or beer after a long day of classwork. They prefer happy hours over office hours. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! For the college graduate who loves to have a good time with friends and family, consider our 12-Piece Crème Liqueurs Collection. With flavors like Bourbon, Rum, Amaretto, Irish Cream, and more, wrapped in premium chocolate, this is definitely a gift that toasts to the new grad in your life. (These do contain alcohol, so please be sure you buy these for grads over 21 years old only!)

3. For the Adventurous Grad: Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

When they’re not in class, they are outdoors. Rather than burying their nose in a book, you’ll more likely find them on the hiking trail, on a river raft, or bungee jumping with other like-minded daredevils. But when you stay that busy, you’ll need some treats to keep your spirit up. That’s why you should get your adventurous grad a box of our premium Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. Filled with premium dark chocolate and energy-boosting almonds, these trips will both satisfy and delight your new grad while they are on-the-go!

4. The Nostalgic Grad: Chocolate Dipped Apple

Even though they are moving on to the next stage of their life, they still daydream and regularly discuss the days of old. Sentences regularly start with “Remember when…” They are excited to move on, but they definitely miss mom driving them to school and dad taking them to practice. That’s why our Chocolate Dipped Apples are perfect for this grad. They are reminiscent of the days when you brought an apple for the teacher. And did we mention they are delicious?

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