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Shipping Chocolate From the Desert: Is it Magic?
April 12, 2016
Shipping Chocolate From the Desert: Is it Magic?

At Ethel M we make our fresh shipped chocolates everyday using the finest ingredients

It sounds like magic, right? I mean, shipping a box of chocolate from our store to your door when the temperature outside our desert-based chocolate factory is 110° F. It would be hot chocolate before it even got past our cactus garden, right? Au contraire mon frère! With all the right precautions (and even more TLC), your treats will be cool as a cucumber by the time you bring them into your kitchen. Let us tell you how we do it, for it is a tale that will melt your heart, but not your chocolate.

1. Hand-Packed to Perfection: It all starts with a personal touch, with our factory chocolatiers personally packing each box of chocolates with the morsels you love. Each piece of chocolate in your box of Ethel M has been carefully placed to ensure the best possible protection throughout the trials and tribulations of delivery.

2. Boxing Like It's a Science: Not Floyd Mayweather boxing. That's not our style. Although our folks might be faster and more precise. When we pack your box full of delicious Ethel M Chocolates, we make sure to place every piece in safe surroundings that ensure your gifts arrive in tact and in pristine condition.

3. You're as Cold as Ice: But sorry, the band Foreigner, we're not willing to sacrifice your love. That's why (especially in the warmer months) we surround your tasty chocolate box with ice packs that ensure your chocolate arrives with no melting.

4. Fast Shipping? They Should Call It Lighting Shipping: In the warmer months, you're chocolate will never be sitting in the back of a shipping truck for several days at a time. When it leaves it's to you in no time flat.

We'll have some more video for you soon. But for now, it's not magic. It's Ethel M.