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5 Reasons Why a Chocolate Tasting is the Hottest Date in Vegas
April 11, 2016
5 Reasons Why a Chocolate Tasting is the Hottest Date in Vegas

Visit the Ethel M Tasting Room

1. It’s at a Freakin’ Chocolate Factory. Honestly, ever since the first time we all saw Willy Wonka, we knew that any chocolate factory would be one of the most magical places in the world. And while our chocolate factory does not house Oompa Loompas or candy that will turn you into a blueberry, it does offer a super cool viewing aisle to see where our chocolate is made, a three-acre cactus garden to wander while holding hands, and a gift shop to pick up any chocolate gifts you may need for your date.

2. Fresh-Dipped Chocolate Strawberries. Nothing says romance like fresh fruit dipped in what we can decidedly say is the best chocolate in town. These tasty morsels may not be part of the Chocolate Tasting Experience, but when it’s over, you’re going to want something to take back to your place for dessert.

3. Dropping Some Knowledge. Sure, you’ll be sampling four delicious styles of chocolate and unique fillings. But you’ll also be learning about where chocolate comes from and how it takes an enormous effort to take it from a tree in Africa or South America all the way to the finished product you’re enjoying today. And you know what they say, the couple that learns together, yearns together. I think they say that, right?

4. It’s a Cheap Date. Ya, we said it. Frugality may not be the most romantic thing in the world (don’t worry, we’ve got chocolate for that), but when times are tough, our chocolate tasting experience is just $9.99 per person. So when you bring that special someone to our tasting room

for a 30-45 minute fun and flavor tour, they don’t need to know that it cost you less than taking them to the movies. And it’s way more unique (read: thoughtful) than the movies!

5. Uh, Chocolate, Duh. I mean, come on. It’s chocolate. There are like four people in the world who don’t love chocolate. And they are in ISIS. 

We have more reasons, but we have some chocolate to taste. Also, the tasting experience doesn’t have to be romantic. If you’re bringing your mom or your friends, you probably don’t want that. It can also be friendly or fun. It’s really about how you act while you’re here. Basically, just don’t try to feed your friend their chocolate during the tasting. 

If you want to book your tasting experience, which happens every hour on the hour during our hours of operation, click here.