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Crème Liqueurs from Ethel M Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates Crème Liqueurs are a delicious and unique treat, made just for the grown-ups!

Our premium spirit chocolates use crème beaters to individually blend rum, bourbon, amaretto, Irish Crème, coffee liqueur and orange liqueur into a creamy filling, then pour it into our decadent milk and dark chocolate shells for an intoxicatingly sweet chocolate treat.

These goodies are for grown-ups only, and are the perfect gift for any get together or special occasion.

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Box of Crème Liqueurs

New! Create your own box of chocolates including Crème Liqueurs.

Create Your Own Box with Creme Liqueurs
Introducing Cherry Cordial. Now Available in Design Your Own Collections!

Cherry Cordial Dark Chocolate

Back by popular demand.

Hand made cherry cordials with imported marasca cherries from Italy and brandy. For a limited time only available in Design Your Own Collections.

Create Your Own Box with Cherry Cordials
Introducing Agave Tequila Dark Chocolate. Now Available in Design Your Own Collections!

Agave Tequila Crème Liqueur Dark Chocolate


Agave Tequila dark chocolate creme liqueurs. Same creamy flavorful center made with real tequila and paired with dark chocolate.

Create Your Own Box with Agave Tequilla

"I have been eating these creme liqueurs for 20+ years. They are absolutely the best and most unique liqueur chocolates available anywhere. You should not miss trying these at least once in your life."

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